My Story

Cliona Hegarty

My journey in the food industry began when the wonderful school I was working in sadly closed it’s doors due to the economic downturn.  Having worked in Education for 5 years this was a challenging time for me, my future was so uncertain & I felt really low & lost. I moved back home to Mum & Dad’s and while I was dusting myself back down, I got really interested in health & wellness. I noticed how cleaning up my diet had a hugely positive impact on my energy, my mood and my overall wellness. I started to feel energised & positive. I was disappointed with the snacks on the market at that time and found it really hard to eat on-the-go. Having grown up baking with my Mum I decided to swap a few ingredients and try to create my own snacks and treats but using nourishing healthy ingredients. I was amazed with my creations, I was satisfying my sweet tooth with little treats made of really pure, amazing ingredients. I remember thinking that I had something special when friends of mine tasted what I was making & started to ask if they could order some from me as their weekly snacks.


I began selling my products at my local farmers markets & then into retail stores. I’m delighted to have so much support from all our lovely customers & I love hearing from you. Please link up with me on social media, I’d love to connect with you.